Medical software research and development
focuses on fields of
radiation therapy and surgery

Products and Research

We are specialists in medical imaging software.
Our products are focused on the radiation therapy field and the surgical planning field.
Radiation therapy image viewer and tools

DICOM RT image viewer and tools to assist the radiation therapy treatment planning.

3D Medical Image Viewer

LiveVolume is a free, volume rendering software application for medical imaging and biological visualization.

Surgical planning system for mandibular reconstructive

biGAKU is a free, virtual preoperative planning software for mandibular reconstructive surgery.

Other products and research

CardioDesigner – Cardiovascular modeling tool for congenital heart disease.
A Surgical planing and navigation system for Micro Endoscopic Laminectomy(MEL) …

Company Profile


e-Growth is a software research and development company focused on medical image processing and analysis.

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